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The Benefits


  1. The lock prevents anyone from unlocking the deadbolt on your door either with a key or by picking the lock like lock bumping. This is great to keep criminals out as well as preventing awkward encounters with maintenance staff.
  2. With the use of the adhesive backed spacers, the lock will work on any deadbolt thumb turn height as well as deadbolts that are on a plate with the door knob. This also allows you to use the lock on unevenly designed doors by putting more spacers at one location than the other to balance the lock.
  3. The lock does not need to be exactly perpendicular to the thumb turn, so you can adjust the location of the lock to avoid any obstructions on the door as long as it makes contact with the thumb turn in the locked position. I recommend if you do this you test to see the bar will not lock you out. Simply hold the lock where you intend to place it, pull the pin and test to see if the thumb turn can move if the door was locked.
  4. The pin has a spring ball at the end to prevent tampering from outside the door. This also prevents unit owners from using the lock illegally since they need to be home to engage the lock. The management of buildings need access to units when the occupants are away in case for flooding or fire.
  5. The lock can not lock the homeowners out of their units by accident. If the pin is not fully engaged in the unlocked position and falls out, the bar will slide down against the thumb turn but not engage. Without someone inserting the pin in the locked position, bar will slide out of the way when the key is used to unlock the door.
  6. For parents with young children, they can have their keys with the pin at the front door. This will allow them to take their keys and the pin if they are just running to the garbage chute so that their little ones can’t lock them out (we all know how children love to play with locks).
  7. If a building owner puts the lock on all their units or if the building staff know that you have this lock on your door for security and you are in need of assistance and can’t get to the door. The staff know they only have to drill the deadbolt off instead of breaking down the entire door saving hundreds of dollars in damage (any other lock that goes on the door and door jam will require the door being broken down to gain access).
  8. A new security feature can be added to your lock that will not only prevent anyone from getting into your home but also prevent small children or family members with dementia from getting out (see the video on the Instructions page).