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banner-img-1Although there are other ways to break into your home, criminals prefer to gain access quietly. This allows them to gain control before you can alert the authorities or defend yourself.

Criminals can learn to pick your lock using techniques like lock bumping online in 5 minutes and for under $20.00 they will mail them a set of bump keys that work on most of the deadbolts on the market.

By using our lock on your door you prevent criminals from being able unlock your deadbolt. Our lock was designed so that it won’t accidentally lock you out. If you were to leave your home and the pin was not fully in the bar and fell out.

The bar will slide down against your deadbolt’s thumb turn but it will not engage. When you return home the bar will simply slide out of the way when you use your key. We have customers that engage our lock on their back door (as well as their front door if they have an attached garage) to discourage criminals from breaking in while they are out.