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Building Owners

The Deadbolt Arrest security lock is ideal for building owners. The lock will work on ALL deadbolts on the market and can NEVER be used by tenants when they are out since they need to be home to physically engage the pin. This allows your staff access in case of flooding or fire.

Knowing that this is the security lock your tenants have on the door also allows you to drill the tumbler out of the deadbolt releasing the thumb turn and disengaging our lock. This will allow you gain access if there is no response from the tenant or if they have called for help saving you thousands in damages that would result in breaking the door down.

We have a client in Toronto that brought our lock to their insurance company and they have been given a 6% discount on their liability since they consider it a security lock (you will have to check with your insurance company). If you were to place a large order of locks, a special discount can be given to you since we will not need to package the locks and can send them in bulk.

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